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LLB current student

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Why choose Monash?

If you are fascinated by the prospect of resolving conflict, strive to improve the lives of others or help redress the miscarriage of justice, then a legal qualification will give yiou the means to do so.

Choose Monash for a law course imbued with the thought leadership created by research into justice innovation, human rights, commerical law and regulation. Whatever area you choose, you will find leading teachers who press you to think, analyse and order your thinking, so that you are career ready.

With a Monash law degree, you are recognised as an achiever. Employers know you have the capacity and skills for complex, demanding and interesting projects.

A Monash law degree prepares you to practise as a barrister or solicitor, provide advice as an in-house counsel or to pursue a career in international relations, politics, business management or social justice advocacy.

The new Bachelor of Laws (Honours) degree – available from 1 January 2015

The Law Faculty has undertaken a major curriculum review of the Bachelor of Laws degree. Along with all other Australian law schools, we are adjusting our course in response to the needs of the legal profession and to ensure it is aligned with contemporary developments in legal education. The course is also compliant with the AQF qualification requirements. The review was undertaken partly in response to the need for periodic rejuvenation of courses; including alignment with contemporary developments in legal education; and was also driven by external factors, most notably the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).

From 1 January 2015, all new students will be enrolling in our new Bachelor of Laws (Honours) degree, which is an AQF level 8.  This means that you will be required to undertake a research unit and a commercial law unit, as part of your degree. 

Find out more about the new Bachelor of Laws (Honours) degree. See also the Undergraduate Course Guide for 2015.

Internal transfers and mid-year intake

For Monash students embarking on an internal transfer to the Faculty of Law and international students considering a mid-year admission to the Faculty of Law, please refer to undergraduate law degrees in 2014.