The following publications are listed for the last year.  For earlier publications, please visit our interactive bibliography of regulatory publications, REGU-pedia

Book chapters

  • Bowman, DM and GA Hodge (forthcoming 2011), ‘Creating a Better World: International Mechanisms for Regulating Nanotechnologies’, in Donnie Macluran (ed), Nanotechnology as if the World Mattered, London: Key Technologies International
  • Hodge, GA (forthcoming 2011), ‘Introduction to the theories of PPPs’, Chapter 1, Rethinking Public-Private Partnerships: strategic approaches for turbulent times, edited by Carsten Greve and Graeme Hodge.

Journal articles

  • Kells, S (2011), ‘A look inside the performance auditing box: Victoria’s ‘New Ticketing System’ tender’, Accounting, Accountability and Performance, 2011, 24(5)
  • Kells, S (2011), Conflict between independent scrutinisers of transport megaprojects: Evidence from Australia, European Journal of Transport and Infrastructure Research, 2011(1)
  •  Maynard, A., D, Bowman and G, Hodge (2011), ‘The problem of regulating sophisticated materials’, Commentary, Nature Materials, 10(8)