Studying Human Rights Law

Teaching is an important aspect of the Castan Centre’s work. Our staff teach a number of units in both the undergraduate and postgraduate program of Monash Law and are committed to ensuring Australian lawyers receive a high standard of human rights education.

Postgraduate Programs in Human Rights Law

The introduction of a specialised LLM at Monash has long been a goal of the Castan Centre.  A dedicated human rights course is vital for producing academics and professionals capable of advancing human rights scholarship, awareness and advocacy in Australia and throughout the world.

Monash Law School offers the only masters degree in Australia dedicated to the study of human rights law.  Additionally, places are available to graduates from both law and non-law disciplines.

Human rights are becoming an increasingly important part of Australian law and governance, with human rights legislation already enacted in Victoria and the ACT.  Opportunities in the field of human rights continue to grow internationally and in the corporate world as well.  Studying human rights law at Monash University will give students access to one of the most significant human rights education, training and research institutions in Australia.  The specialised programs will help contribute to human rights scholarship, awareness and advocacy in Australia and throughout the world.

The postgraduate programs are particularly suited to students who are interested in a career in human rights or a related field, and wish to work, or intend to work, in international human rights NGOs, local and international development agencies and other international and domestic human rights bodies.  The graduate programs provide an outstanding opportunity to enhance knowledge of international and domestic human rights law.

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Undergraduate Programs in Human Rights Law

Monash Law School offers a broad range of human rights elective subjects as part of the undergraduate LLB degree.  Subjects cover a myriad of topics including gender and equality, indigenous rights, international human rights bodies, international criminal law, and refugee law.  Human rights subjects are also taught during Monash Law's Prato Program.

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Advanced Professional Practice Unit

Since 2005, Associate Professor Adrian Evans has coordinated a human rights unit, which runs as part of Advanced Professional Practice. This enables students to work with Melbourne law firm Holding Redlich on pro bono cases of interest. For further details, please contact Associate Professor Evans.