Aurora Project


Aurora Project
Melissa Castan, Deputy Director, and David Yarrow, Honorary Fellow, of the Castan Centre for Human Rights Law and the Monash University Faculty of Law, work with Richard Potok on a capacity building project on Native Title law and practice for Native Title Representative Bodies.  The project focuses legal and non-legal training for NTRB staff, recruitment strategies, student internships and other related issues such as management training, needs analyses, and common services.  This project is funded by the Commonwealth Government and private industry sponsors.  It followed on from the Native Title Representative Body Professional Development project.

Final Report April 2005
Final report excluding part f    - contains all sections except part f 
Report date tables: part f - contains part f (data section)

Several blank pages are contained within the Report deliberately as it is intended to be printed double sided.
NB: Table AP9 has been amended from earlier versions in order to correct typographical errors.

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Rio Tinto Scholarships
Rio Tinto offers two scholarships to lawyers currently working or interested in working at Native Title Representative Bodies (NTRBs) or Native Title Service Providers (NTSPs).
Successful candidates undertake a one-year Master of Laws (LLM) in Mineral Law and Policy at the Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy (CEPMLP) at the University of Dundee and must commit to work within an NTRB or NTSP for a minimum period of two years upon their return. Candidates must be Australian citizens or permanent residents and reside in Australia and there is no age restriction for applicants. FaHCSIA provides an additional AU$15,000 towards the living expenses of those recipients of the scholarship who are working within the NTRB system at the time they receive the scholarship.

The program generally commences in September and applications usually open from mid February to mid March.

Further information can be found at: