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To cultivate the next generation of human rights leaders, it is important to provide students with the opportunity to gain first-hand experience of human rights issues.  Each year the Castan Centre facilitates student internships to a variety of organisations dedicated to the protection and advancement of human rights.  Through these internship programs, Monash Law students have developed an excellent reputation for their knowledge and practical skills in the human rights arena.  Information on all Castan Centre internships and volunteer programs can be found on the following pages -

The Castan Centre Global Internship Program 
The program sends a small group of outstanding Monash Law students each year to some of the world's leading human rights bodies. 

The Castan Centre In-house Internship Program
The program is open to all Monash Law students who are undertaking, or have completed, Human Rights in Australian Law or International Human Rights Law.  Interns volunteer in-houe at the Castan Centre, undertaking a variety of research-based tasks.

Other Internship, Employment and Study Opportunities
This page provides links to opportunities available at organisations both in Australia and overseas.  These opportunities are not linked to Monash University or the Castan Centre.




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