About the Australian Journal of Legal Philosophy

The Australian Journal of Legal Philosophy is a broadly based academic journal that publishes theoretical work relating to law and legal studies.  The Journal is published by the Australian Society of Legal Philosophy.  It is a refereed journal and welcomes contributions of articles, shorter articles and reviews. 

Editor: Michael Stokes

Critical Reviews Editor: Tim Dare


The Journal is a peer reviewed journal.  It welcomes contributions of articles, shorter articles and critical reviews.  Contributions should be submitted as email attachments or on compact disc in any up-to-date format, but preferably RTF.  The journal expects to have exclusive submissions.  The editorial address is: Dr Michael Stokes, Law School, University of Tasmania, Locked Bag 89, GPO, Hobart 7001, Australia. 

Email: Michael.Stokes@utas.edu.au

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Style in the Journal conforms generally to Enid Campbell’s and Gretchen Kewley’s Presentation of Legal Theses (3rd ed, Faculty of Law, Monash University, 1996).  Footnotes are referenced accordingly, although Harvard-style text notes are also acceptable.  For a simplified guide to our preferred style see the Style Guide

The Society does not normally require copyright to be assigned for work published in the Journal.  This may enable publication of work in the Journal intended to be published elsewhere (subject to publisher’s necessary permission). The Society does require any subsequent publication to acknowledge previous publication in the Journal.  Persons seeking permission to copy work published in the Journal may inquire directly of the author, or the Editor, who will pass the inquiry to the appropriate person